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Your choice from our extensive menu of the most advanced techniques to work deeply to refresh and treat your skin. We consult with you in advance using our expertise to choose what is most compatible, effective and safe for your needs. 



Advanced Ultrasonic Facial        $150   Series of 5 $650 (save $100)  book now

Come enjoy the best facials in Studio City! Our most popular treatment dramatically improves the skin from the inside out. First, dead skin cells are gently but effectively removed with ultrasonic water. Next ultrasound is used to push anti-aging and anti-inflammatory vitamins deep into the skin and the cells. Finally, microcurrent therapy is applied which recharges and balances damaged cells so that they reproduce healthier cells which in return give you more youthful skin. This treatment substantially increases the production of collagen and will give you the skin you’ve been dreaming of.

Advanced Ultrasonic Facial with Wendei        $160   Series of 5 $700 (save $100)  book now

Our most popular treatment scheduled with the studio’s founder Wendei.

Customized One Hour Facial        $95     with Wendei $105  book now

This treatment begins with an in-depth skin analysis to determine the best course of treatment. Then, under steam, your face neck and shoulders are cleansed, exfoliated with either a scrub or enzymes and massaged using a combination of acupressure and lymphatic drainage movements. After thorough extractions of any clogged pores, your esthetician will apply a mask custom blended for you. Your skin will feel clean and soft and you’ll leave with a radiant glow.

Add on Ultrasonic Exfoliation for a deeper cleaning for only $20

Minus 10 Anti-Aging Facial        $120     with Wendei: $140  book now

This facial is all about infusing the skin with actives that will stimulate, repair and rejuvenate skin. Actives that will firm and tone and communicate with cells to produce more collagen and give skin a luminous glow.

This is an elevated facial that brings some acids into the treatment. There is little to no downtime with this treatment and your skin will feel tight the first day and you may experience mild flaking. This facial may be done as a series program every 2 weeks for 3 sessions or once a week for very challenged skin.

Peace of Mind Ultimate Corrective Treatment Facial  book now

This two hour treatment is for the client who wants the best results possible without having to spend thousands on surgery. This treatment is truly the crème de la crème and combines the best of everything our studio has to offer. We customize the treatment by choosing the appropriate type of exfoliation whether it be ultrasonic, enzymes or a light chemical peel. We include steam, massage and extractions and then we utilize at least three of our cutting edge technologies to give you the skin you’ve been dreaming of.

This treatment can be reserved for special events like weddings, award ceremonies, parties or just a special night out, or invest in yourself and make this your monthly treatment.

  • Single session 2 hours           $180      With Wendei  $200
  • Package of 5        $700 (save $200)    With Wendei $900  (save $200)

Half-Hour Maintenance Facial        $55  book now

This no-frills treatment is designed for those with really tight schedules. Regular cleanings will help maintain your skin’s delicate balance. Bi-weekly treatments are recommended to keep acne under control.

Half-Hour Maintenance Facial with Wendei        $65  book now

This express treatment scheduled with the studio’s founder Wendei.

Hot Chocolate Facial        $100  book now

This decadent yet therapeutic skincare treatment is almost calorie free and totally indulgent. Chocolate is known for its high levels of antioxidants and rejuvenating properties. A variety of natural chocolate laden products are used in this treatment and includes neck and shoulder and arm massage.



A commitment to homecare is required before any peel procedures. Most peels require client to be on a lightening product for a minimum of two weeks before treatments begin. Our goal is to get you the best results possible, yet safety is our priority. A commitment to daily application of sunscreen is also required to protect your skin and maintain results. If you’ve been on Accutane you must be off for at least one year. Peels are okay for Retin-A users if you’ve stopped using it for at least two weeks prior to treatment.

We consider chemical peeling an art and all our estheticians are highly trained and experienced in this area. We have many peels to choose from depending on your skin condition and how quickly you want results. Not all peels make you peel…some work from the inside out. Please let your esthetician know what your expectations are and if you are willing to see peeling and for how long. We have a wide variety of naturally derived chemical exfoliators with ingredients like glycolic and lactic acid, TCA,  retinol, pumpkin and pomegranate and many more.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid Peels        Add to any treatment $20  book now

Your esthetician will choose between glycolic or lactic acid depending on your skin. Done regularly, these professional strength treatments will reduce clogged pores and fade hyperpigmentation. These naturally derived acids work by removing dulling dead skin cells, stimulating collagen production and in the case of lactic acid boosting your skin’s moisture content. These peels are safe for use during pregnancy.

Salicylic Acid Peel        $80  book now

This acid is found naturally in willow bark and winter green leaves. It provides a strong exfoliation and is highly effective at controlling breakouts. This peel is highly recommended as part of an on-going acne program.

Jessner Peel        Inquire for details  book now

This blend of lactic acid, salicylic acid and resorcinol gives a very strong exfoliation. Expect peeling to last for at least a week. If you want your skin to look like a baby’s bottom then this is the peel for you. A 24 hour patch test is required.

POM Signature Peel       $175  book now

This medium depth peel is perfect for all skin types including skin of color to treat hyperpigmentation and acne. Peeling lasts about four days and can range from light flakiness to sheets.  Ingredients include TCA, Salicylic Acid & Retinol.

TCA & Retinol Progressive Peel       $400  book now

This medium depth peel is applied in layers and is our most aggressive peel. Great for smoothing lines and stimulating collagen. Our TCA peel also contains a natural lightening ingredient as well as anti-inflammatory vitamin C.   Products for post care are provided along with a complimentary follow up treatment

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Have a personal question about your skin care needs or about facials and peels? Just call us at 818-769-0302 or email us here. Stop on by and enjoy the best facials in Studio City and let us pamper you.