About Wendei

Wendei Smith-Owner-Peace of MindDuring her nineteen year career as a licensed esthetician, none of Wendei Spale-Smith’s clients has ever guessed her age correctly…most people think she’s nearly a decade younger than what her driver’s license says.  This is a testament to her extensive, advanced education in skin care and relentless pursuit of the finest available skin care treatments and healthy natural products.

As a professional she “walks her talk” and enjoys the same clear, supple and vibrant skin that her clients do.

After attending California State University at Northridge and studying theatre and psychology, she worked in the entertainment industry developing movies for television.

Her strong desire to directly enhance people’s lives inspired her to leave the biz behind and open her own exclusive and secluded Peace of Mind Skin & Body Care practice in Studio City.

Wendei’s mission statement is to provide superior, results-oriented skin and body care treatments at affordable prices so that anyone who desires healthier more youthful skin can benefit from the results of an on-going skin care program.  “Today’s extreme makeover climate has more people wanting to feel good about themselves,” states Wendei.  “Not everyone needs invasive procedures to achieve great results.  My individualized, whole body approach to skin care and anti-aging strategies allows any committed person to have beautiful skin — simply and cost effectively.

Wendei specializes in anti-aging treatments, chemical peeling, controlling acne and has become known for treating difficult cases of hyperpigmentation in ethnic skin.

Since opening Peace of Mind in 1997, she remains focused on refining her unique, results-oriented approach to personalized skin care.  Wendei is recognized by many clients for stopping their “aging clocks” and helping them look and feel at least ten years younger.  Today, hundreds of men and women from around Southern California and beyond visit her skin and body care sanctuary on a weekly or monthly basis for a variety of treatments.